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Reference Tennessee Code Annotated Title 44, Chapter 17, Part 5.

This law applies to every shelter or rescue operating in Tennessee and is not just for animal control shelters or non-profit rescue groups.

The law does require that animals be spayed or neutered prior to adoption, or if not, that the agency collect a deposit of not less than $25, refundable if the animal is spayed or neutered within 30 days of adoption, or 30 days after turning six months of age.

The uncollected deposits are to be used for spay/neuter in the community and should not be used as part of the shelter operations budget.

We believe altering before adoption is the answer. If not, the refundable deposit can be any amount and the higher the amount collected, the higher the compliance rate with being spayed/neuter after adoption.

County facilities that do not alter before adoption include:

Many of these do not collect the deposits and others put the uncollected deposits back into the county budget, and not toward spay/neuter as required by law.

Call your County Mayor for more information about the facility paid for by your tax dollars. Here is a sample letter to get you started: Download SAMPLE Letter.

There are numerous private and non-profit shelters and rescues also adding to the overpopulation problem by adopting out intact animals, even sending them across the country.

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